It is with sincere appreciation that I write this letter to Keller William’s to recommend Dee Crawford for the overall service she provided and excellent representation!!

At the time I made a decision to sell my home and build my dream home, I had interviewed several realtors and had decided to proceed with a realtor I had worked with on several prior transactions.

Coincidentally, on the day I was planning to list my property, I received a letter from Ms. Dee Crawford outlining some of her real estate experience. Because her track record was very impressive as outlined in her letter and she had strong familiarity with the area I was looking to build or purchase my new home, I decided to interview Ms. Crawford.

After meeting Ms. Crawford, I was so impressed by her professionalism, style, kindness, and personality that I changed my decision and decided to list my property with Ms. Crawford. The decision to list with Ms. Crawford proved to be one of the better decisions I’ve made regarding enhancing my life and the lifestyle of my family.

Ms. Crawford sold my home in 12 days at a time when the market was “slowing down”, she left no stone unturned during the process and made sure my transition was proficient, clean and smooth all the way through the closing.
This was only the beginning. After making a transition move and researching plans for building, I mentioned to Ms. Crawford specifics about the home I had in mind as my dream home.

Two months later Ms. Crawford called and said the house I mentioned to her is on the market and would I like to see it. Well, needless to say it was an extraordinary match to what I wanted and more.
I can’t explain how satisfied I am about my new Dream Home brought to me through Ms. Crawford. I can only praise her for the hard work and persistence she put forth in making my Dream Home a reality and the transaction flow very smoothly and professionally.

I truly feel she is the hardest working and the best Realtor on the Westside of L.A. and I am thankful for the experience.

Janice Dison